A low threshold entry into cryptocurrency

Coinhubba is here to even the playing field. We make cryptocurrency easy and stress free for everyone.

This is Coinhubba

Coinhubba offers an easy, convenient and low threshold entry into the world of cryptocurrency with the same potential opportunities and returns regardless of your individual spending power. Coinhubba is to offer its token, HubbaCoin, which will be backed by cryptocurrencies and generated by the Waves platform.

Since Bitcoin’s arrival in October 2008, the opportunities for the general public to enter the crypto market have been murky. This is fundamentally unfair and needs to change.

Moving forward, Coinhubba is to even the playing field by taking away the difficulties and challenges most people face when trying to enter the crypto market.

Coinhubba, as a gateway, makes cryptocurrency accessible to anyone, no matter what they can afford.

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This is what we believe

At Coinhubba we believe we are at a decisive moment in time, where cryptocurrencies have unprecedented potential for growth – and anyone should be able to take advantage of that.

What’s been missing up until now is a scalable service that’s open and available to the many, not just the few. Opportunities so far have been reserved primarily for those who already have considerable knowledge and financial assets, which cannot sustain a progressive global society that so many of us wish to fully see emerge.

Coinhubba breaks the mould.

Our mission is to give the same opportunity to anyone who wants it, and our vision is to be the leading global service for low threshold entry into the cryptocurrency Market.

Join us on our journey!

Coinhubba is making your introduction to cryptocurrency transparent and straightforward.

No small print – with us it will be super easy to get in and super easy to get out!

Our registered offer of HubbaCoin (HUB) will begin in March 2018 and our public ICO will follow during May 2018. Sign up to be among the first to receive a copy of our white paper.

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